Intech Pumps Vietnam was established in 2015, is a member of Intech Pumps Holdings Company based in Singapore and has branches in 5 countries including Singapore, Malayisa, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

We are a professional supplier of pumps for markets including petroleum, petrochemical, chemicals and thermoelectricity. Specifically Intech Pumps Vietnam is the exclusive representative for some of the following pump companies:

Clyde Union (USA) – API610 petroleum standard – centrifugal pump.
Honda Kiko (Japan) – Japanese standard JIS – centrifugal pump.
Rheinhutte, (Germany) – German standard DIN 24255 / ISO 2858 – centrifugal pump. The world’s leading chemical pump brand.
Weir Roto-jet (USA) – API 610 oil standard – special centrifugal pumps for low flow, high pressure applications.
Weir Floway pumps (USA) – Turbine type pumps, high capacity water pumps and fire pumps in oil and gas (drilling rig)
Exakta – A Division of SEKO Group (Italy) – Petroleum standard API674 / 675 – Metering pump, used a lot in Binh Son and Nghi Son oil refineries.
All-Flo (USA) – manufacturer of Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps (AODD), of PSG Group (in the same group as Wilden Pumps – the world’s leading pneumatic diaphragm pump company).

Intech Pumps Vietnam has implemented many contracts of supplying materials and equipment with most of Oil and Gas and Oil Refinery companies; some fertilizer companies, chemicals, thermal power plants and most of the steel sheet factories in Vietnam.